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Freshwater bodies could be found on the surface of all continents of the Paleogene period. Even in Antarctica, there were lakes and rivers, as for most of the period the southern continent was free of ice, and even at the end of the Paleogene period, there were regions in Antarctica free of glaciers.

Of course, in different climatic zones, in different corners of the earth, freshwater bodies varied significantly. But there were common features.

Starting from the second half of the Cretaceous period and to this day, the basis of lake and river vegetation is made up of water grasses - angiosperms, such as Baibiancarpus and Groenlandia. Among Paleogene plants, for example, Limnophila appears - very popular in modern aquariums. Of course, freshwater cyanobacteria, algae, horsetails, and ferns did not disappear, but their role in the surrounding world became noticeably less.

The fauna of freshwater bodies is increasingly starting to resemble the modern one. Of course, freshwater bo...