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Sparse woodlands refer to a type of forest characterized by a relatively low density of trees, which are significantly spaced apart from each other and do not form a closed forest canopy.

Sparse woodlands were formed under various conditions. The majority of sparse woodlands were formed (as they still are today) in the temperate climatic zone. These sparse woodlands became part of the forest tundra. However, zones with sparse trees also existed in other climatic zones, including in the tropics. The reduction in the area of rainforests led to the formation of biomes at the junction between the savannah and the forest. Here, the trees were represented by the same plants as in the jungles: strychnos (Strychnos), dipterocarps (Dipterocarpus), bauhinia (Bauhinia), and others. But the distance between them was significantly larger, covered by tall grasses. Overall, the composition of vegetation varied greatly on different continents, at different latitudes, and even depended on the altitu...