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Coastlines refer to the area of land located along the border of land and sea. They can be incredibly diverse and include sandy and clay beaches, cliffs, marshes, river deltas, coastal reefs, and many other types of landscapes. Marine coastlines possess rich biological diversity, including a multitude of plant and animal species, ranging from small invertebrates to large vertebrates. They serve as important sites for the reproduction, feeding, and resting of many species.

The vegetation of the Neogene period on the coastlines had to adapt to the increased salt content in the soils. Palms were able to adapt excellently to these conditions, and they still grow on rocky shores and sandy beaches to this day. Other trees, such as the Sideroxylon or Yellowwood (Zanthoxylum), could also have grown on the shores.

On the coastlines, various species of birds, reptiles, and invertebrates could be encountered, some of which underwent adaptations to a semi-aquatic lifestyle. Some birds prefer...