Freshwater environment
Freshwater environment 3D Dinopedia
Freshwater bodies (rivers, lakes, swamps) were widespread throughout all continents during the Cretaceous period. Underwater plant life underwent significant changes throughout this period. At the beginning of the era, the dominant flora were green algae, and there were numerous underwater ferns and horsetails. However, by the middle of the period, the bottoms of rivers and lakes were covered with a variety of flowering water grasses, such as Montsechia, Archaefructus, and Callianthus. Since then, they make up a significant part of all freshwater plants.

Animal life was extremely diverse. Various worms, crustaceans, insects, and other arthropods lived here. Like today, rivers and lakes were full of fish. Frogs, salamanders, newts, and the quite rare ancient amphibians - labyrinthodonts (Labyrinthodontia) - inhabited the freshwater bodies. However, you could also encounter some of the most famous animals, the "calling card" of the Mesozoic era - reptiles. Ancient crocodile-like creat...
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