Marine environment
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The seas of the Devonian period were home to amazing living creatures. As in previous periods, vegetation mainly consisted of red and green algae (Zeapora, Lepidolancicula, Diplopora), forming the basis of the mysterious underwater landscape. Various echinoderms with long stems and intertwined "arms" created enchanting underwater forests. Along the shores of warm, shallow seas, coral-algae reefs rose like castles.

On the seafloor lived various arthropods, such as trilobites, which burrowed in the murky silt in search of food. Large eurypterids, or sea scorpions, prowled in search of new prey. Bivalve mollusks and brachiopods peacefully filtered the seawater. Within the water column, the first ammonites and nautiloids (Nautilida) appeared, cephalopods in coiled shells with long tentacles and large, not very friendly eyes.

And, of course, various fish inhabited the sea waters. Among them were cartilaginous ones - ancient sharks, eager to snatch any prey that hesitated, and spiny ac...
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