Freshwater environment
Freshwater environment 3D Dinopedia
Freshwater bodies - rivers, swamps, lakes - were widely spread across the vast territory of the supercontinent Pangea. There were rare freshwater bodies also on the microcontinents of Cimmeria, Amuria, North and South China. Among underwater plants, green and stonewort (Charophyceae) algae continued to dominate throughout the period. Also widespread were underwater higher spore plants - ferns and horsetails. Their thickets hid many aquatic organisms.

Animal life was very diverse. Worms and, possibly, insects inhabited the thickness of river silt. Ancient crustaceans, sea scorpions, possibly insects and the same ubiquitous worms crawled across the bottom surface. The water mass was filled with amazing cartilaginous and bony fish. Even freshwater sharks were found in lakes and bayous, for example, Orthacanthus and Triodus, with an eel-like elongated body, a sharp thorn in the front part of the body. In addition, amphibians, living up to their name, spent part of their life, and...
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