Jurassic period
The Jurassic period started just after Triassic and lasted 56 million years. It began 200 million years ago and ended 144 million years ago. The period was named after the Jura mountains in Switzerland and France where first fossils were recovered. It deserves to be called the most famous Mezozoic era period. The known Africa, Australia, Antarctica, North and South America shapes started to form. The climate turned more humid compared to the Triassic period thus enhancing flora and fauna.
The “Jurassic Park” movie deserved its name as that period was home for the most well-known dinosaurs. The lush vegetation blooming sparkled herbivorous Sauropods to thrive. Predators had plenty of fleshy feed as well. Dinosaurs inhabited all over the place: both in terrestrial and aquatic areas. Some were the size of a cat or chicken, while others were the size of huge whales. First soaring Pterodactylus and Rhamphorhynchus raised into the air, and various insects’ species inhabited bushlands and rainforests.