arrow Tarbosaurus bataar
Period of life:
70-66 MYA
Mongolia, China
Tarbosaurus bataar Dino Pet
Tarbosaurus is a giant theropod up to 12 m long. It looked like its relative Tyrannosaurus It had the same massive head with sharp teeth, small front paws and a powerful tail and lived at the end of the Cretaceous period about 70 million years ago in the territory of modern Mongolia and China. Tarbosaurus were smaller than tyrannosaurs, but they were still one of the largest theropods that lived on Earth. The front legs of Tarbosaurus were small, with two toes that were hardly used. He had large and muscular legs with three big toes and one small toe. The long, heavy tail served as a counterweight to the large head, neck, and chest. Asian Tarbosaurus, like its relatives Tyrannosaurus, were by all appearances solitary predators. But scientists believe that at certain periods of life, they could hunt with their pair or cub. Moreover, the growing dinosaurs could live for quite a long time with parents who taught the kids how to find food.